Set in motion your
Purpose, Vision & Giving
with greater speed and focus

The Vision Wheel is a JOURNEY

Designed to propel you on a more focused path to your ultimate vision with greater speed, growth, and impact.

A simple strategic framework to see your soul, share your heart, and free your spirit.

A commitment to your vision statement for your life.

A process to transform primary interests and passions for the purposes of enduring impact.

A method to identify and overcome obstacles that get in the way of your vision.

“Being introduced to the Vision Wheel half day course and subsequently implementing the strategies has been a revelation to how I view business as part of my life. It really does encourage you to contemplate the meaning of serving others and combines the special things about you that help build a cohesive map to life and meaning.”

Jamie Skreptis
Managing Director, The Village Well Noosa

“Reach your next level of capability, competence, and confidence.”

Dan Rice
Founder & CEO, Alliance Community Foundation

“The Vision Wheel was the beginning of the path that led me from inspiration to action. Listening to the call of my heart, strengthening my courage to push through obstacles, and trusting in God to give me the tools I need.”

Sonja Beartsch
Chair Center for Changing Lives, Duluth MN

“I heartily recommend the Vision Wheel to anyone interested in expanding their view of God’s exciting and multifaceted calling in their life.”

Chaplain Abby Vinez, M.Div, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Senior Staff with Global Training Network

“My daughter and I experienced the Vision Wheel together. It was a life-changing event for us.”

Anne Pell Harkness
Award-Winning Artist

“If you get one new habit established in what you learn from a book or seminar you are lucky. The Vision Wheel has given us a helping hand in implementing our vision and establishing new priorities.”

Chris Potter
Educator & Mother of Five, Queensland, Australia

“Discovering the alignment between my passions and significant purpose has liberated me to feel that I can truly make a difference in the world. I highly recommend the Vision Wheel to those courageous enough to make this life-altering journey.”

Chad Monroe, adfs (FP), c.Dec, Certified Financial Planner® Professional
Principal, Provision Wealth Management

“Vision Wheel encouraged me to consider the core components of who I am and provided a framework to consider the expression of these as fluid rather than fixed. After completing Vision Wheel I feel that I have a reference point that allows me to evaluate requests for my time, skill, energy and finance.”

Melinda Bryant
Senior Solicitor

“Vision Wheel helped me to put words to some important internal questions. How do I know who I am and what I have and offer that generously gives to the world to make it better.”

Ben Bryant
Psychotherapist & Counsellor

“I attended a Vision Wheel experience and was so blown away by how impactful it was. It was fascinating, deep, exciting and a catalyst to a major shift in my life.”

Stacy Regan
Certified Fitness & Nutrition Coach

“I still go back to my ultimate vision statement – it has given me a lifetime of inspiration to ponder and to live into. On a practical action side, I immediately applied what I learned into my personal financial charitable contributions. I immediately felt more deliberate about my giving. I would heartily recommend The Vision Wheel for use individually, or with a family, community or team.”

Kristen Lee, MSOD, Executive Coach
Former Director HR Business Partners, Hewlett Packard

Meet the Founder

Mary Vogen is the founder and the president of Vision Wheel LLC and a champion of people’s vision. Mary inspires global compassion and innovative teamwork, being a part of over $350m of charitable gifts and legacy plans to faith-based organizations. She has been a catalyst in helping to spark many successful start-ups and nonprofits, doing this seemingly effortlessly while living on two continents.

Mary is a driven visionary, compassionate innovator and global strategic thinker. She has over 20+years’ experience as a highly regarded speaker and coach to entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Mary is the former President/CEO, Principal and Senior Advisor of a leading-edge Registered Investment Advisory firm, entrusted with advising hundreds of millions of dollars of investment and charitable legacies. Mary is a lifelong learner and has a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business.

Mary’s strong belief in and commitment to “giving with vision” is evident in the successful coaching program of the Vision Wheel, which works to help individuals reach their full potential in both their business and personal lives.

Vision Wheel helps you…

  • Clarify your purpose, vision and how to serve with greatest impact.
  • Create a vision statement that gives guidance now and for decades to come.
  • Expand the scope of what is really possible.
  • Grow capacity in self & others.
  • Connect deeply with your family’s vision.
  • Enjoy greater alignment & satisfaction in partnering with charities.
  • Simplify and focus your giving strategies
  • Discover the world of non-cash giving and legacy gifts.